PTA Gift Certificates

Please visit this page to order your gift cards.

Please note we have a new online order form. If you have any questions about your online order please email

Certificate Program Update

There are many different ways to order - send your order form to school, order through the school website, email, call the school or Lisa Neels @ 604-858-6840.

We also accept many different forms of payment - cash/cheque, Visa/Mastercard (only for gift cards that give 5%+ back), or we can debit directly from your account with a standing order. If you have a standing order that is paid by pre-authorized debit from your account, you can add to your order at any time throughout the month. We will debit that amount of the additional gift cards from your account.

If you are interested in changing your standing order to the new denominations please send an e-mail to

The office keeps a wide variety of gift cards in stock so if you need gift cards you can call the school and we will send them to you.