Certificate Program Update

Our profit for the month of April is $4,181.00. The total profit for the school year to date is $35,067.00!  A BIG thank you to all who support the program!  

We plan to sell certificates at Elementary Sports Day on Wednesday, June 21, and also at the School Closing afternoon on Thursday, June 22.  Remember to stock up for the summer!   

 There are many different ways to order – send your order form to school, order through the school website, email, call the school or call Mrs. Lisa Neels at (604) 858-6840.   


We also accept various forms of payment – cash/ cheque, Visa/Mastercard (only for gift cards that give 5%+ back), or we can debit directly from your account.  If you are signed up for pre-authorized debit you can order at any time during the month.    


The office keeps a wide variety of gift cards in stock so if you need gift cards you can call the school and we will send them to you.  They can also be picked up at the school anytime.


Summer Certificate Orders

Gift certificates can be purchased at the school until Friday, June 30.  They will be available for purchase at school again beginning Monday, August 28.  Please note that NO certificates will be available at school or on-line between those dates.


Important notes regarding standing orders for the summer:   

       June 1, July 1 and August 1 orders were sent home on June 1

       June 15, July 15 and August 15 orders will be sent home on June 15

September standing orders will be ready at school on September 1.  They can be picked up at Meet and Greet Day on September 1 or they will be sent home on the first day of school, September 5.  
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